Creating Change

Nature + Cultural Diversity

Riverstone is a new kind of retreat – an Eco Action Center – rich with biodiversity. Guests and students are invited to help build sustainable resources for the property, such as tree planting and food foraging. Everyone is invited to share their ideas and collaborate in planning for an ecologically-sound future. Riverstone Retreat hosts truly unique gatherings that are operated sustainably with low-environmental impact. All visitors are encouraged to be mindful of those who have come before and respectful of those who arrive after.

Values of cultural diversity are also at the core of Elephant Thoughts’ work. As a global development organization, we continue to build partnerships which support communities in need all around the world. Riverstone Retreat supports educational programs that focus on diversity and inclusion in an ever-changing world. Through our online Child Freedom Project, we are able to teach students everywhere these values.

100% of profit from all events held at Riverstone directly supports Elephant Thoughts’ charitable programs.

100% of profit from all events held at Riverstone directly supports Elephant Thoughts’ charitable programs.

-We Promote Locally Grown Food

Acres of fertile soil and the mighty Saugeen River make Riverstone the ideal place for locavores. Join us in the Eco Nest for one-of-a-kind Indigenous culinary events led by inspired local chefs from around the region. Through these talented chefs, there will be a multitude of teaching programs available for students of all ages, focused on food sustainability, food sovereignty, food foraging, and outdoor cooking. Become an intern and collaborate & learn from the best. Contribute to a culinary experience of the highest quality, consistency and creativity!

For your large wedding and catered event, Chris Bishop of Peasemarsh Farm Catering will deliver his culinary magic. Peasemarsh goes beyond their kitchen limits, committed to local and organic hand-crafted gourmet food experiences in beautiful locations like Riverstone.

Supporting Small Furniture Businesses + Crafts People

Every piece of lovingly made furniture and décor supports cottage industries from around the world. As part of our global development work we support small crafts people at fair market prices in India, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia and Mexico.

Sustainable + Locally Sourced Buildings

From accommodations that maximize on materials sourced right at Riverstone to bunkies that were made from pine milled by a local Amish community, Riverstone is about low impact and locally sourced.





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